better Paypal integration: display where money spent


Presently I have a bunch of transactions in my Revolut account named “Paypal”.

From my perspective that’s no help at all, need to know WHO the money was spent with via the Paypal intermediary.

Revolut already has this information, it’s just not displayed in the app… (Already wasted a bunch of support time having them let me know who certain mystery transactions were with.)

SUGGEST: improve the processing of data to include the name of the entity to whom money was paid using PayPal. (In fact that is the primary information “PayPal” could itself be in brackets afterwards.)


Not only PayPal but all transactions should show the original details.


This seems to be the same issue users of Revolut and Curve had in the past. Instead of providing the information given from Curve, Revolut marked all transactions as Curve. Seems to me Revolut should is able to relay the orginal information if enough users want this.


I have the same issue
Show all the translation detail, all the info


As a workaround for now, you can manually add a text note to transactions. Those notes are searchable as well, but of course you have to add them right away after the transaction to keep track of them.


This seems to work now. My PayPal transactions now show “Paypal *MERCHANT”.


this seems to be really random. today revolut displayed “paypal” again


I have 2 payment named paypal today
Nothing more


I’ve only had two PayPal transaction lately, but it looks like when the transaction clear and changes from “Pending’’ to ‘’Completed’’ the transaction gets updated with the name of the merchant.


Would be nice if it shows like PAYPAL NAME OF USER or something like they do for bank accounts.

Also maybe a transaction ID for PayPal?


I have translation
Named paypal, completed
I still have the issue on my account