Better choice of card designs

Your choice of card designs is a bit dull. How about an entirely blue card (Revolution blue) with a massive white R in the middle, or the other way round. Anything other than the dull copper and grey of your existing cards.


Personally I think this is a good idea! :slight_smile:

Some time ago on twitter they asked a question about an image that could be associated with a new logo or something. So that might signal a design refresh :slight_smile:

(i think they asked on twitter, can’t find it now.)

Also in the blog post about disposable cards the header image features a way more simple card design.

I think this is a great idea!

The standard card brings too much unnecessary attention to the point of cashiers calling the manager because they find the card to be very odd – flashy colors, prepaid, they don’t know the bank.

Having a more minimalist design on the standard card would be wonderful.