Better account management on main screen

There should be a possibility to delete unused account or at least hide them from the main screen. A friend of mine requested 1 polish slot for a joke and now I have a polish slot account in between some other currencies that is just there and I cannot do anything about it.

My suggestion would be to be able to show/hide accounts from the main view. Or delete accounts that have a balance of 0.

Another thing I dont like is in that the account view under any foreign currency account name you show the balance of the account also in GBP (or at least thats what I have) this is very useful to be able to track the value of you account but why do you assume I want to see that in GBP. This option should be free to choose.

Hey Svedas

It is already possible to remove (disable) an account. You can see how to do it here Option to temporarily disable an account

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Hey thanks that works, was not obvious though.

Is it possible reorder the accounts you have? Like to have USD first instead of GBP on the main screen.

I don’t think you can reorder them.

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