Beta Testing Forum

It would be great if there was a special area only accessable to beta testers to exchange experiences without broadcasting on an open forum.


Would be great if they gave me access to the beta, but it isn’t happening I guess.

There is always the closed Lounge area of the forum open to ‘special’ members only ?

AFAIK “Special” means- users with at least “regular” Trust level/ status/ rank on this forum.

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That’s only for regulars :wink:

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We can do that, however, not sure how beta users can be identified.

Can you show me some love and let me join the beta so I have access to it too :pensive: I put a lot of my time into this forum and I don’t even get to try the new things

Maybe by phone number? :slight_smile:

Signin with google account?
twitter, facebook

Link the email the user used to create the revolut account with
The same email are used on the account on the forum

Put too piece together
Or received a 1 time code on the registered phone number, or in app code, similar

Beta users get already testflight email notification. So it should be relatively easy to set up a thread for them.

AFAIK only iOS users…