Beta feedback: New conversion screen lacks FX graph

The new conversion screen layout in v.7.30.2-beta-869 does not show the FX graph / trend, which is a major loss. I like the idea with the arrows, but other than that it was better before.

To me currency exchange is a major feature of Revolut and to not be able to view the trend line of the past 12 months is quite a loss. I would like to see even more than 12 months back.


I totally agree with you, having the trend when doing an exchange or setup an auto-exchange is a must have.

The graphs are still there though. If you head to your favorites and add the currency pair in the watchlist section, you can then click on it and see the historical graph.

At the end the new UI make it a bit counterproductive having to switch back and forth between the 2 sections of the app.


It is back again if pressing the exchange rate. Curious how hitherto essentials features are being packed away.

I am using the 7.34-beta-910 and it is extremely SLOW, so now I am not sure if it is my phone or what, I tried different connections WIFI, Datam, etc and it literally takes more than 2 seconds to load each and any page, anybody else?