Best way to use Revolut in Czech



I am based in the UK and travelling to Prague at the end of October so will be using CZK over there.

I understand that CZK isn’t supported by CZK so will it be more cost effective for me to order hard currency from elsewhere or use my card to withdraw over there using my GBP balance?


Hey @adzyp :slight_smile:

CZK is supportez by :r: for spending. You can spend money or withdraw in CZK and it will be deducted from the GBP balance (if it’s your only balance) at the interbank rate :smile:

Take into account there’s a small mark-up fee during the weekends but, still, the most cost-effective option should be using your Revolut card.


so when im paying using my card do i select to pay in GBP or CZK?


Hey @adzyp :wink:

Choosing GBP will let the merchant’s bank decide the exchange rate thought Dynamic Currency Conversion. This usually leads to terrible conversion rates being applied and is not recommended with :r:. :slight_smile:

Choosing CZK will make :r: the one in charge of applying you the best exchange rate :wink:


Hi @adzyp ,

You can’t yet exchange or receive CZK within the app, but you can load card in GBP and spend in Czech Republic with the interbank exchange rate :ok_hand:t2:


Guess you didn’t intend to mention me, right, @AndreasK? :slight_smile:


oops! :relaxed::face_with_hand_over_mouth: