Best way to top up in CHF ?


Transferwise charges around 1% of the transfer, depending on the amount it costs much more than 5 CHF


@ThomasA You are right that the fee depends on the amount of transfer. But CHF 5 you pay for transfer CHF 1000 with EUR conversion. That is mean fee 0.5%. (The minimum fee is CHF 1.50.) This may be an alternative, depending on the circumstances.


Yes, Transferwise charges a minimum fee of 1.50 CHF or 0.5% for amounts higher than 300 CHF. It works, it’s just a bit if a pitty that you would need to use Transferwise for topping up your Revolut account, especially since it’s able to hold CHF.

Concerning the Swiss IBAN, I was told that it won’t be coming soon (or ever…).


I have noticed that a prepaid card by UBS Switzerland AG, has no fees too!


@AndreasK - and what should be the verification procedure for toping-up with a prepaid card, to increase the yearly limit?

You ask for:

  • pay slips for 3 months
  • bank statement showing the salary enter the bank account
  • bank statement showing the money go to Revolut

How would you go about topping-up with a prepaid card (let’s say UBS prepaid card)


Verification processes and requirements of incoming funds and used cards are separate. The yearly limit is valid across all funding methods. With top up cards it is about acctually possessing the physical card.


I’ve found that the cheapest way to top up in Switzerland with CHF to CHF on Revolut is via bank transfer with UBS.

Previously I would transfer amounts in excess of CHF1000 per tranfers, with all costs borne to the beneficiary. CHF 5 would always be deducted from the amount transferred. Hence as a fee %, it would only be 0.5% fee or less for larger amounts.

However, on recent transfers the CHF 5 has stopped, and the gross amount debited in CHF would be credited to my Revolut account. Hence no more fees.

Any other UBS Revolut users experienced this recently?



Does that apply to amounts over 1k CHF only or also below? Because UBS usually charges you at the end of every month. This means that you receive the full amount on Revolut now, but they charge you 5 CHF at the end of the month.

For more information:


Interesting…I have been doing a transfer from UBS in euros to the Revolut Euro account. I only pay 0.30 CHF for the SEPA transfer, but I guess I take a hit somewhere on the CHF to EUR…probably by UBS having a rubbish rate.


To sum up all the solutions available in Switzerland from best to worst:
Best option: Use UBS or Postfinance Debit MasterCard if you already have either of those or can get them for free (as part of the package or because you are a student). Basically you loose nothing, you might even gain some money because of the bonus program. (0.3% - 0.6% in Case of Postfinance)
Second best option: Transfer CHF via SWIFT. The fee for 1k-10k is CHF8-10: So best option would be to transfer something close to 10k (but under 10k, to get the lower fees). Than will loose 0.1% or less if you transfer CHF 9999, 0.2% or less for CHF 5000 and 0.5% or less for CHF 2000. You can also do a transfer for several colleagues and family members at once and distribute from your account, this way you can split the fee. (But keep your yearly top up limit in mind)
Third best option:: Top up using a Credit Card you already own that doesn’t have a fee for foreign transactions in CHF and a good cash back program:
Postfinance Visa Gold (in second year) I can top up in CHF and only loose 0.5%. (1% revolut fee for credit card transaction minus 0.5% cash back from Postfinance). In first year I get cash back 1%, so I will not loose anything.
But since most cards introduced foreign fees I think Postfinance CCs are the only one really worth to consider for this route.
Fourth best option:: Use a service like TransferWise to transfer to Revolut. Or change money with another good currency exchange service and transfer using SEPA. You will loose 0.5%+

And lastly, those are the worst options which you should not consider for large amounts:
Second worst option:: Using SEPA directly from your CHF account, as you will get the shity EUR exchange rate of your crappy swiss bank which usually means loosing around 1.5% and in case of the big swiss banks also 0.3 CHF SEPA fee.
Worst option: Topping up with a credit card that has a fee for foreign transaction for CHF. You will pay 1% revolut fee and additional 1.25 - 2.5% fee to your credit card company. Loosing 2.25 - 3.5% in the process.

Interestingly even the worst option is still better than using your Swiss Credit Card abroad. (where you loose 2.7% - 4%)

SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods (2017 - outdated)

Well, until Revolut gets an account denominated in CHF I won’t be using it as much as I thought I might. I just did the following comparison of a few converters, and I went through all the hassle of downloading and installing the app, uploading identity verification and even registering on this forum, only to discover I can only fund my account via a currency transfer to GBP.

Currency transfer comparison

To send GBP 275 will cost…

Paypal: CHF 348.86 - Just to remind everyone how bad it could be.

xe CHF 364.96 - no transfer fees. The destination account must belong to you.
Transferwise CHF 365.78 - but this probably does not include the (fixed) outgoing charge.
Currencyfair CHF 365.08 - but this probably does not include the (fixed) outgoing charge.
Revolut CHF 359.48 - but beware the transfer fees/ lousy exchange rate your bank may give you.
Lykke Wallet CHF 359.59 - according to the T&Cs, the destination account must belong to you.

Bitcoin anyone? :laughing:


Hey there. I am not sure if I understand you correctly. But you can fund your Revolut account in CHF! There is an account denominated in CHF, its just not a local Swiss account. The „problem“ right now for Swiss customers is that the international transfer from Swiss accounts to Revolut is costly.


Hi Sloth3Toes
I just opened a Revolut-Account myself (hi everyone, i’m the new guy :wink: - and there are other ways to top up - most of 'em will have fees on them though…

Check your account if it’s a CHF-one (if not - open one), as for EUR (you’ll have to open an EUR-account first. (in the App, you can see your Currency-Accounts; you’ll have to swipe them to get the top-up-informations…)

Then you’ll have the option of topping-up in CHF (only fees for transfer), or using a SEPA-transfer (fees depending on your bank, eg. Postfinance does not take any fees for SEPA-payments, and you’ll probably loose during CHF->EUR-conversion)…

But I’m fully agreeing with you - Revolut needs to implement a solution for swiss customers - it’s not like Revolut being attractive for “sorting out the constant hazzle with EUR-conversion” in Switzerland :wink:

I, for my case, just topped up a first amount of 50 CHF via my Coop-Mastercard (credit, issued by swisscard) - I’ve seen another thread discussing this issue, including fees of several cards/accounts… Will forward the infos acc. fees as soon the transaction is visible in the “cardservice” (online-management of the CC)…


See my post above. You get charged 1.5% for CHF transaction abroad and 1% from revolut. It’s a bad idea :slight_smile:


Your post isn’t very accurate, as it depends on the bank you’ll transfer from and/or card, and who issued said one… Especially when transfering via SWIFT, banks have different fees… Also, topping up via CreditCard can be dangerous, eg. “CornerCard” or “is my CreditCard Debit, Prepaid or Credit” to determine the fee"…

Also, SEPA-Exchange - my reason for opening a Revolut-Account:
I’m fed up with different exchange-rates!!! Postfinance, for the last weeks, always had a higher ER than the other banks, but said other bank takes other charges for payments in EUR AND for SEPA-transfers… (Postfinance free SEPA, but shitty ER, eg. Raiffeisen more sensible ER but fees on SEPA, UBS - there you pay for having an account (no idea if SEPA is free or not) aso, also the Kantonalbanken - 26 different systems there…

If you were only talking about the intermediary charges - well that’s another thing then…

Long story short: Revolut MUST do something for swiss market; and if it’s just a “collective account” or what that thing with “all topping up on one account, ammount will be moved to individual account via reference-number” is called…


My favorite is the Swiss Bankers Prepaid Credit Card.
I use the card anyway because of ApplePay and I do not just want to rely on a provider when traveling.
The 45 .- / a annual fee will be charged to me anyway and even without ApplePay it is at 15’000.- TopUp only 0.3%, which is pretty much the best option.

Attention to TransferWise, which has massively increased the fees in recent weeks, for whatever reason.

And also attention for the UBS Prepaid credit card, 1.75% charges of overseas payments in CHF were introduced in May.

So i‘m with @the-mike: Long story short: Revolut MUST do something for swiss market; and if it’s just a “collective account” or what that thing with “all topping up on one account, ammount will be moved to individual account via reference-number” is called…


I recently open a Revolut account + MasterCard (basic one).
Sharing with you what I did to top up my account using bank transfer.
I used my Credit Suisse account (bonviva silver package) and I moved 500CHF to revolut.
Few things to consider:
The correct BIC to use is LOYDGB2LXXX
Yes, you have to transfer CHF from you account and the receiver account Lloyds Bank should receive CHF too.
Credit Suisse for this transfer has charged me 5CHF
I hope this helps!


Inteeesting, i transferred 100chf from Credit suisse (platinum bonviva) and the transaction summary now shows 23CHF charges!! Bank said, Sepa was refused because i put in a comment with the reference number and charges to destination…
I tried again today with these 2 corrections. Lets see what happens…
Please Revolut, make this easier with local IBAN.



Reference number should be ok but “charges to destination” means it doesn’t go through as SEPA. This needs to be set to “split between parties” and then it will go through as SEPA. Credit Suisse will state there is a 5 CHF charge for payment to a destination abroad but as you are having platinum package this fee is waived and will not be charged.


Thanks Mercury
It worked now without charges this time but as said, sending in Euro, credit suisse has applied a 2% markup on excgange rate compared to Revolut exch. Rate. Therefore I better topup with my mastercard in chf with 1.8% charges.