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Hi all,

I would like to receive CHF funds from my company directly to my Revolut a/c.
Unfortunately the software we are using for transfer of funds does not allow to write a reference number.

In the line beneficiary may I write Revolut and the my reference number ?

If not do you have any solution for me ?

Last question. When have you planed to offer personnal Iban Numbers for all the currencies.

thank you in advance for your prompt answer.

If you can’t put the reference number then don’t do it because you’ll have to contact :r: every month for a manual reconciliation.

If you work in Switzerland it’s easier to open a bank account there then do the SWIFT transfer yourself.

Last time someone asked :r: about CHF IBAN the answer was that they are working on it.

this may help choosing the cheapest way to transfer CHF to your revolut account

I am having serious troubles receiving money on my CHF account. The transfer got refused by Revolut for the 4th time. Previously I have received money from identical provider by

first_name family_name

After chatting with various Revolut agents I got informed, that regulations changed and I should use not my name but REVOLUT LTD as beneficiary. So the reference got altered to


and sent again. You guess… with the same result. It got refused by Revolut and sent back. Chat with agents is turning in circles… they always try to tell me, I did something wrong. I have written confirmation of how I should reference the transfer in chat (see above) and sent them the payment confirmation stating the advised reference methods. Anyway, however I reference the transfer gets refused.

Does anyone experience similar problems? Transfer is from UBS to Credit Suisse.

Unfortunately I don’t get hold on someone competent of Revolut’s transfer desk.

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Hi Gregory, have you been able to fix this? I am in the same situation, please tell me there is something I can do…