Beneficiary Nickname feature!

Hi all,

I have a dozen bank accounts. So all my accounts have the same “beneficiary name” i.e myself. If I want to send money to Carisbo account or to HSBC, there is no way to know since all names are same. It has to be identified by memorizing the IBAN/BIC.

As such, an option to add nickname to my saved beneficiaries would be handy. I could save as “Dad HSBC”, “Dad Citi” etc and this wouldnt require much effort on the developer side.
Looking forward to this bieng included in your future updates. A very tiny yet useful feature. :wink:

Harsh Kandoi



I would very much like to see this feature myself


Lets see if any of our Revolut developers aim to work on this essential feature. Fingers crossed! @revolut

Create the beneficiary “to a business”, rather than “to myself” or 'to another person".

Then it provides the option in the “Company Name” field which you desire and your wish will come true.

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This is a very innovative workaround hack by you Sal.
However, we do really wish that Revolut does incorporate the feature for Beneficiaries Nickname on the face of the app pretty soon! (We do not want to disguise ourselves as business for this feature, forever)

Untill then, it’s your hack that wins the cup :v:t2:️.

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Revolut Team, please implement this, it’s very annoying have to search the bank account number every time I want to send money to the same beneficiary that has multiple accounts