Beneficiary is not allowed

I’ve been trying for a month to get my money out of Coinbase (don’t use them… ever!!!) and heard that people have had success using Revolut. However I keep receiving “Beneficiary is not allowed” when sending €2 to Coinbase in order to verify my Revolut account.

I’ve heard that Revolut has stopped sending money to any crypto exchange. Is this a temporary thing or will it be resolved soon?


Please search this forum. Plenty of users discussed this. You need to activate your personal EUR IBAN from within the app first :wink: .


Exactly what Frank said. It seems to be one of the most common question these days.

More > Profile > Account Details > Euro and click activate, then use your personal EUR IBAN.

Thanks a lot guys, that worked. It’s my first time using the community site, I didn’t notice the other questions already asked on the site, sorry my bad!

When adding Revolut as an account in Coinbase they ask for an IBAN and BIC which I managed to find in my Revolut app, but they also ask for the banks name, I guess it’s just Revolut?

Thanks again.


When checking BIC databases, the BIC resolves as: REVOLUT LTD.

That should work.

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