Belgian Bank ING not accepting UK EURO personal Account


This morning I tried to top up using the new GB Eur account however the transfer did not work I’m getting an error message saying the account is not valid.

I’ve been on to ING support but they do not see why it’s blocking either. They are just now contacting their Fraud department to see if they have put a block on the transfer.

from the LT account conversations I understood that this was because the bank had not updated some database. Would someone from Revolut be able to reach out to ING Belgium to tell them exactly what they have to update in their system?

On another note I was able to top up using my Belgian ARGENTA account.


Avez vous réussi a ajouter votre compte Revolut dans la liste de vos bénéficiaires de virement ING?

Here in Italy I had a similar issue with BancoPosta (bank accounts provided by the Italian postal service). SEPA transfer to the GB EURO personal account gave me an error (IBAN not valid).

I tried an international wire transfer (non SEPA) in Euros and within two days the card was topped. Revolut specify to use only SEPA transfers to the EURO GB personal account. In my case it worked even with a non SEPA transfer.

I was charged a fee like a regular SEPA transfer, nothing more. The amount was small, though, just 100 euros.

From a support chat with Revolut it seems that the EURO GB accounts are still in a testing phase. Soon they will replace completely the pool account. In the meantime I hope they will solve all the issues, making it 100% compatible with SEPA transfers in Europe. Surely it’s a step forward if compared to the LT accounts.

I have yet to figure out whether the problem is with my bank or with Revolut. I’ll check from time to time to verify the compatibility with my bank. By the way, the support of BancoPosta was useless in this case.

When i said what is the core issue here no one took me seriously and marginalised. Surprise, surprise still issues with UK IBAN and UK BIC.

These issues (Whether with the Euro IBAN with the UK BIC, or the Euro IBAN with the LT BIC) have to do with legacy banks’ legacy infrastructure.

I knew that for years.

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Pas encore, je le ferai ce soir.


Well the good news is that yesterday afternoon the 10 euro test I did with another Belgian bank Argenta worked fine.

ING support were useless, when I stated that it worked with Argenta his reply was that some banks take more risks with your money than ING? I will try the suggestion from Myabee to register the account in my list of beneficiaries to see if that somehow bypasses some screening. So not 100% effective but better than my LT account.

If anyone knows how else I can get other currencies at near interbank rates I’m all ears.

Hey. I have exactly the same issue with both ING and Argenta.

Exact same problem with HSBC here in UK; tried to do a transfer from my HSBC Euro account to the revolut Euro account and… online banking complained IBAN/BIC invalid.
I have called HSBC support and after initial check the guy came back to me and said the reason is that REVOLUT LTD is an online bank and is not a member of British Banking Association trade body which provides the whitelist for the transfers.
As such the IBAN wasn’t accepted…


Banks are like islands in an ocean and unless someone takes a raft to a neighbour island to tell the news nobody will know what happened in that other island.

Mind boggling.

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You have a way with words, @Povilas.

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