Belarus supp

Add Belarus to the list of supported countries.
I want to use it


Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on our global expansion and hope to be available worldwide one day. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

Any news for the Belarus people?

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@rui-de, Revolut already works in Belarus. My girlfriend used it and got as good a GBP/BYN rate as I got with a Santander Zero MasterCard. If you want BYN as a balance currency, then that’s a different topic, and I would expect RUB to come before BYN.

Not really, I can’t top up using a card issued in Belarus.

@netoctone, is the Belarusian card’s account denominated in a Revolut balance currency (e.g. USD or EUR)? If not, why would you want to do this?

Yes, it’s in Revolut balance currency.
Now the app clearly displays “Sorry, cards from Belarus aren’t supported. Please try another card”.

when I try registration in app, i don’t see Belarus in the list of countries. How you make your account? (russia is in a list, but for Russia is not working too)

Neither Russia nor Belarus are supported at the moment.

Can you ATM withdraw money in Belarusian roubles though?

Yes, it was possible to withdraw BYN cash in July 2017.

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Yes, you can withdraw Belarusian Rubles in Belarus. Tried in Sept 2019 - everything worked smooth. You also can pay with Revolut card everywhere.

But how to get Revolut for Belarus citizen?

You can’t. Either wait or get EU/EEA residence and apply then on behalf of those countries.