Being told I have to wait 96 hours to confirm my verified funds are ok

Sent all the correct documents to verify my funds but the “dedicated” team will take 96 hours to respond. Need to make a transfer out but no response to my repeated requests. Suggestions ?

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when did you get on the queue? they have a backlog of at least 3 days currently (96h means 4 week days)

The support team is currently not correctly sized for the amount of new customers arrived during the past few weeks.

Revolut is hiring new people as we speak so it should be better and better over time but in the meantime we have to be patient :slight_smile:

96h is a normal wait time but be warned that it will probably be more :slight_smile:

How can they be allowed to provide such poor service.? This is my money they are sitting on which I cannot access.

Surely as a regulated entity there must be some requirement to have the right level of staff

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the authorities are a lot more concerned about money laundering than about customers having to wait a week to get their e-money account fully activated.

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They’ve been hiring new people since I opened my account over a year ago, and it hasn’t got any better so far. I hope you’re right, but I’m not confident.

They can provide poor service because people use them anyway. After they randomly froze my account earlier this week, despite it being fully verified for over a year, I’m closing it.

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The best option would have been to raise the top up limit before making a transfer that hits the limit. This way, the process of verification is not faster, but no funds are frozen. It’s actually how the process is described in the app, under „verification and limits“.

that’s what I did. I started the verification as soon as I got the account enabled. a lot less stressful.

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I think Revolut should overhaul the onboarding. When I last opened an account with a traditional bank, they sent me a welcome package. The T&Cs, of course, but also a well written and brief collection of things to know and be aware of.

With Revolut, this could be completely digital and in app, of course. And they do something like it already with cards: with the card comes a little guide that activation via chip + PIN is necessary.

If Revolut wants to become more user friendly (it feels more like the target group are early adopters now), they could built in some hints and force the user to acknowledge the existence of that top up limit, for example, and tell them how raising it works and how long it usually takes. My guess is that the majority of users isn’t affected by this limit at all right now. They use Revolut as a 2nd account, in addition to their current account, and a limit of about 30.000 EUR is sufficient.

Users that use the platform for larger transactions are probably still edge cases, like buying/selling a house somewhere, investing in crypto and using the cheapest possible way to chash out. They’ve heard about Revolut from somewhere, and jump into it quickly, because of the appeal of a large financial advantage. And that‘s fine! But their user experience is frustrating because they just weren‘t aware that Revolut comes with it‘s own limitations and quirks that are very unique in the industry. And I can see why this happens, because users generally think they know how banking works, they’ve done it for decades.

I’m often tempted to respond to many complaints with „you fool, why didn’t you read the help center articles before sending 25k to a newly installed app“. But that doesn‘t really help. So I am hoping that Revolut manages in the not so far future to guide new users better in getting familiar with the product.