Being a bit dumb about top ups

Just setup a new account and ordered a standard card, I have linked a credit card and a debit card to the account and made an initial top up of £10, from my debit card.

For the life of me, from within the app, I cannot find a way to select my debit card again to make a further deposit, can someone point me in the right direction please?



Hey Carl, scroll to the top of your transfers list in the “account” section so that the blue part of the screen becomes big. Hit Top up there, then select Card. You should see your linked card there.

Excellent, thanks for your help, got that sorted. Just moving from a supercard so got to get my head around the differences.


Hey @bowercarl, I recommend the FAQs, they have plenty of tips for how to use the card and the app and what might be different to “traditional” cards and how one avoids unnecessary costs. I find it an interesting read and there is a lot of informations about how to avoid potential trouble. Perfect to get familiar with the product.