Beginner: Travel form Eurozone


For first time I go form euro country to Poland with Revolut. I plan to do some shopping using card. Do I need to exchange in advance some euros to zloty in order to use best exchange rate at POS?

Is it recommended to exchange some euros to zloty if I plan ATM withdraw of zloty?

Thank you for any commnts

You don’t need to chance in advance. But it is a clever way to avoid the weekend markup. (More about how all thins works in the FAQs.) :wink:

And beware of DCC, dynamic currency conversion. It is very common in Poland. Always pay or withdraw money in PLN and don’t accept the conversion a POS terminal or ATM might show you.

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Thank you, Frank! Will do like recommended by you

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Have a good trip!

(And study the FAQs, just in case you lose your phone, card, … while on the road)

Thank you.

All went nice. I changed some money to PLZ and their were used during my shopping.

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