Before I sign up: ATMs at home, and Travel Insurance questions

I need to know two things before I sign up to Revolut:

Is the monthly ATM cap for overseas ATMs only, or is it counted when using home country ATMs as well? Monzo cap is only on overseas ATMs, and unlimited at home. I am UK based.

What are the terms of the Revolut Premium Medical Insurance? I have a medical condition that is not acute or life threatening, but does mean I can’t get the usual “£20 per year” super-cheap annual multi-trip cover from other providers, so will Revolut Premium (White Horse) cover me? In other words: How do I contact White Horse to check before I sign up to Revolut Premium?

Thank you,


All ATMs.

You can find T&Cs for the insurance here:

All ATMs including home? Wow, UK current account holders usually have zero fees on ATMs, that’s a massive oversight by Revolut :frowning:

Thanks for the Insurance link, I will have a read…