Been well over a week and my money still hasn't been credited (SOLVED, after 2 weeks)


Short version of the issue as mentioned in the title. I made a top up of 2000 GBP from a Singapore account on 8 January, and it still hasn’t been credited.

What follows is my experience dealing with customer service via the chat system, which was an entirely horrible experience.

Topped up 200 GBP from my singapore bank account on 8 January, then topped up 2000 GBP a couple hours later because i realised i needed to pay rent. The sum of 200 GBP was topped up the very next day on the 9th, the sum of 2000 GBP is still nowhere to be seen.

I’ve done top ups from my singapore account on several occasions, not a single transaction took more than 3 working days. I’ve also made sure i’ve included the correct reference in my transaction. I also know that the transaction was completed on the side of my singapore bank, because i was sent a confirmation SMS and it is also updated in my local bank account.

Contacted customer support on 11 January, and after some back and forth, was told that the moeny hasn’t reached Revolut, and to be patient because overseas transfers take between 3-5 working days. (i read 1-3 working days in the FAQ, but sure)

Contacted again in the evening of the 15th, which is the 5th working day since the transfer. Had to tell the same story over again. Agent told me she needs to ‘contact the relevant team’ to locate my transfer. However, it couldn’t be done then because it’s after office hours. Was told to contact them again the next day.

Did so the very next day, agent told me she will make another request to the finance team, then promptly attempted to archive my chat when the issue isn’t resolved. After some back and forth, was told that the ‘funds should be assigned till the end of day’, which i assumed to mean that it will be topped up by the end of the day. It wasn’t. Agent also tried to close my ticket when the problem wasn’t even resolved.

Contacted again the next morning, only to be told that the finance team is still working on it, and that she is unable to provide me with any timeframe, because the finance team couldn’t give her one. (why?)

Contacted again this morning, saying that the transfer has been assigned two days ago, and transactions take up to three working days. As this is the third day, i was told to wait till the end of the day (again). Again, the money still hasn’t come in.

This has been an extremely frustrating experience, having to retell my problem to the agents, resend screenshots, only to be told to keep waiting. I just want my money. What’s going on, and where is my money?


Hey @xkai :slight_smile:

From your post, it looks like you took every step you could to rectify this and the support received was just really poor, and the handling of the problem was even worse :arrow_down:

I would suggest filing a complaint. Not only to get a solution,
but because they well deserve it.
A link for doing so has been previously posted on the forum, but not officially. If you wanted to file an official complaint, you should clearly tell an agent your desire to do so :wink:


Hi @Juliopp, thanks for your suggestion. While they are deserving of a complaint, i want to separate the live agents from the team that’s actually processing the money.

Having worked in customer service previously, i do understand that sometimes the customer service is not to blame. So i really want to know what the problem is in order to file a complaint that targets the right group of people.

What ticks me off is that it feels as if the live agents have little to no information - either they have no access, don’t know where to find the information, or are trying to close tickets as soon as possible in order to get to the next one. Feels like there is a mismanagement on the part of their higher-ups.

Update: just got a reply from another agent, this guy managed to read the past conversation so i thankfully don’t have to go through the same story again. He’s told me to wait till the end of the week, and to contact support again if the money isn’t in by then. When i asked for more information about what’s going on, he said he cannot provide me any information. All he knows is that from the previous conversation, my transfer has been assigned by one of his colleagues.

This tells me he’s as clueless as i am. So, now i’m supposed to wait for the end of this week? Seems like every agent is going to ask me to wait, because they have no idea what’s happening.


Money still nowhere to be seen. Why am i not surprised?

Is there anyone from Revolut on here that can actually do something?


Another update. Another agent told me to ‘wait a couple days’ because she found out that the transaction wasn’t correctly assigned previously. When i asked how long exactly to wait, i received no clear answer.

Any responsible revolut staff on here at all?


I have the same problem my bank transfer is stuck. I don’t know if you have the same problem as me but if you you have over £25K going into your account in 1 year you have to do a “source of funds verification”. This is accessible in the phone app from the main screen under Profile -> “Verification & limits - Processing” you can upload verification documents there. However there is such a backlog that it seems to take the Verification forever to verify the documents. I’m still waiting over 1 week for my transfers to complete. Hope this helps.


I think verification time depends on cases, I did mine not long ago (1 week ago, maybe 2), and it was done in an hour or so.


many thanks for the suggestion, i’ve checked the transfer limit i have left, and i still have well over 14000 GBP that i can use for transfer. The sum of 2000 GBP should not be affected by the limit, so i doubt i have to verify my source of funds.

again, money still hasn’t been credited.


Unsurprisingy, money still nowhere to be seen.

What is surprising is that now another agent has told me that the transaction wasn’t assigned at all, so she has re-assigned it, whatever that means.

This is despite a previous agent telling me last friday that the transaction was incorrectly assigned and she has re-assigned it already.

Is there anyone who can do some good here? Getting pretty exhausted. @AndreasK maybe, hopefully you could help?


Please let me have a look for you.


that would be great. please let me know if you require any information from my side.


Could you please send me a direct message?


Update: @AndreasK is once again the hero. he got it sorted out within a day, i finally have my money.

According to him, some details were incomplete, as my bank in Singapore did not supply sufficient information. I hope others take this as a cautionary tale:

  • remember to input your reference number (screenshot it when you do, to use as proof in case you need it)
  • if the transfer is taking too long, check with BOTH Revolut AND your own bank, in particular ask your bank to provide details about the transfer
  • Given how long this has taken, and how so many support agents couldn’t resolve the issue, i would avoid topping up large amounts of money with Revolut.

@AndreasK is great and Revolut ought to give him a promotion or at least a pay rise. Meanwhile, whoever is managing the customer support needs to get better at his job - the agents obviously don’t know what they’re doing, and barely have enough information to work. It feels as if they are just there to appease customers until some other people in the company do their jobs properly. At this rate, it would be much better to close the customer support line and hire a few more people like @AndreasK who can actually get things done.