Been waiting for 2 weeks for 3 SEPA transfers

I’ve sent 3 SEPA transfers on the 16th, 17th and 18th using the local details for SEPA only - and revolut can’t find it. 2 WEEKS!

The money did not bounce back to the origin account which leaves only 1 option - the money is at revolut (in accordance with SEPA standards).

The support team just loops around the same thing: Asking for MT103 (which is a SWIFT confirmation and not SEPA) and are starting to seem to lack knowledge of banking in general. Where is my money? 2 WEEKS!! I’ve stated over a dozen times this is a SEPA transfer, sent the PDF from FIDOR bank at least 5 times now, been told its being taken care of, etc etc…and nothing!

Can someone who know’s the difference between SWIFT and SEPA please handle my case ? I need to access my money, not now, but yesterday!

Which BIC did you use?

MT103 appears to be applicable to SEPA too


and unrelated to the problem really - sepa is done via ISO20022 XML and swift is done with mt101/mt103…

The BIC should be right, but have you checked your bank did not possibly alter it after you placed the transaction? Some banks were known to do that very thing.

I certainly cant comment on your case, but I transferred funds so far twice and both times it arrived within a day.

For now, my advice would be to make sure the BIC was right. If it was, and the IBAN as well, Revolut really should start digging :slight_smile:

Yeah I did check that - I sent revolut the bank’s official PDFs with the transaction details

Still nothing :-1:

If everything checks out I am afraid there probably really is something that went wrong.

I’d contact @AndreasK via private message at this point.

As I can see you are in touch with our Transfer Investigation Team.