Become a Revolut Ambassador


Dear All,

I’m currently travelling with a friend throught all south America until 2019.
I was in Sweden for 4 month and I used my classic credit card and it costed me about 150 euros of fees… So now we I am really enjoying using Revolut card and all the features!! …We enjoy so much that we would like to become ambassador for Revolut.

We actually started to promote Revolut to the people we met (travellers) and the hostel owner (that are mainly stranger). Most of them seemed really interested in but we could not really help them more.

I have seen in a Topic that there is already an ambassador program, what is it exactly ? How can we apply ? How can we promote most efficiently ?

Well done for your great job with Revolut

Looking forward to your answers,



Hi everyone,
No news about Revolut Ambassador program ?