basically transaction declined but account debited {SOLVED}

Hi ,

basically transaction was declined but account debited. I try live agent but still waiting. I have proof of decline . What I need do now.


Is the transaction shown as successful or as pending?

It’s showing as successful. But machines print me revived that was not accept

I’d wait for the support agent and provide him with the documents. How long did it mention you would wait?

2h because they are busy

If the transaction has been ‘‘completed’’ and your account has been debited, you will need to raise a charge back claim via the in app support chat.
Keep in mind this may take quite a while (up to 45 days) due to Master Card’s policy. I do hope your case gets resolved asap :slight_smile:

At the risk of labouring the point are you sure the transaction has actually gone through? If you click on the transaction in the app does it say ‘Pending’ or ‘Completed’ at the top?

As I can see the transaction is still pending, which means no funds have been deducted from your account.

Why do I even ask :wink:

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Ok thanks for info. Case resolved