"Basic Bank Account" Open in the UK and have a Revolut account?

Can I open a “Basic Bank Account” in the UK, even though I am at Revolut?

Revolut has now its own account number and sort code in UK for GBP, but this is not a bank account.

Hello @DonAlex93,

I’m not really sure if I understand your query.

Do you want to open a UK bank account?


Andreas K.

Hello @anon33247966 ,

Yes, I want to open an UK bank account as non UK resident (like the basic bank account for EU citizens).

You should check it a UK bank.

Hello @anon33247966 ,

I will check it.

What I only wanted to know, whether Revolut meets the minimum requirement for the “Basic bank account” according to the EU decision in the UK because it has a Local GBP bank account now? (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/financial_services/bank_accounts/index_en.htm)

If not, I can open a bank account in the UK at one of the major banks. These ask for the basic account application that you have no other bank account in the UK.

Since I can not, for example, make cash deposits or receive payments from strangers outside the UK, it does not meet the minimum requirements of the basic account.

Would it also be possible to deactivate only the Revolut Current Account? So I can continue to use my card (and Top up by card or SEPA Bank Transfer) but I would not have my own UK account number and sort code. I use the Revolut card only to pay in stores.

Why do you want to deactivate anything? Revolut works just fine without using the personal account details at all. It is just another method for top-ups with the benefit of allowing transfers from third parties.

I have recently decided not to change anything. I am happy with Revolut and I want to leave everything as it is. :slight_smile:
Now only Apple Pay has to come and then everything is perfect.


hi, my name its ruslan toma i tray to open saturday account but me camera from me phone its not very well its set wait 24 h but tuday i call to revolut its set me acount its close and its posssible to open new one how??,thanks