Banned mobile number

I was trying to activate new revolut mastercard card and my telephone number was baned. Maybe because i entered it too much times in the app l, cause I didnt recieved varification code.
Could you please unban my number, that i could activate my card.

Thank you very much!

Are you able to contact them via in-app chat?

Revolut app Welcomes me asking to enter my phone and thats it.
When i enter my phone, app tells: “Were sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later”.
This is happening already for two weeks.

Thank you!

Where are based?
Have you tried to reinstall the app?

I am from Lithuania, but at the moment i am traveling in Morocco.
Maybe thia is the reason of banning my number, that i am trying from Morocco, not from Lithuania.

I tried reinstaling the app several times.

For signing up, you need to use a mobile number from a country where Revolut is availabe. (A Moroccan number won’t work.)

If you already have an account but you won’t get the text message with the security code, you can wait a couple of moments after trying to log in, and on the welcome screen appears a link “didn’t receive text” or something like this appears. Tap on it, and support can help you out.

When I understand you correctly, you already tried to log in numerous times and the app now tells you the number is blocked? I can see that this is for security, to protect your account from someone loggin in with your number. I don’t know this, that’s just a guess.

I would try to contact them on Twitter tomorrow during UK business hours. Only support chat is availabe 24/7, social media isn’t.

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Thanks guys for your comments.
Frank, i think the same, that its for security reasons.
At the moment i am trying to active my card with lithuanian number from Morocco.

Maybe the is an support email to write Revolut, or the only way is to call them or contact via Tweeter or Fb?


No email. :frowning: and the social media team won’t be available to help you before tomorrow during daytime, I assume.

Hi! I’ve been trying to make an account for the first time but it keeps saying that my phone number is banned. Can you help me, please? Thanks!

I am not a Revolut’s employee. I am a typical user or this forum so I am not able to help you.
I would suggest contact them via Twitter

Oh, I appologize!
Do you have any idea who I can turn to?



I have the same problem what should I do?

One option is in the post right above yours. You can also try Facebook or

If anyone tried to contact, how long did it take for them to answer if they actually did?

Took them about a half day when I contacted them. That was a few months ago.

Same problem here. I sent an email to feedback, sent a message on Twitter and even to Revolut Romania