Banking License, when?


Hey Revolut Team. Any updates on Banking License?
The last update is from November
Is anything moving on?


No, there have been updates.

No official communication though. I wouldn’t so, too.


We will find out after they get it :joy::+1:


if they get it…



:joy: :sweat_smile: :joy: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t mind the lack of licence as much as the horrible service of their man in the middle “prepaid solutions”.

having a banking licence won’t improve the service at all, but it will allow them to operate after brexit.

I wish (but I doubt) that after getting the licence they:

  • get a better connection to faster payments and SEPA
  • allow direct debits in the UK
  • stop debiting currency exchange transactions on weekends, just hold and wait for monday.
  • offer a credit card able to compete with the standard mastercard/visa rates 365 days per year.

the first two are kind of mentioned on the announcement, the others could be covered by the idea of “credit”… also on the official announcement.