Bank wire to a Revolut account

Our hungarian firm sell goods in UK. My customer pay by wire. If I have a business account, what details need I give to my customer for the wire?
How can I refer it ?

Hi @lajos17

Iban and BIC code most likely, plus the reference number of your account, which you will be able to see after the activation.

Dear Oleksii, firstly thanks for the answer, please apologize me but I would like a sure answer not a most likely.
as a matter of fact it is possible that I misunderstood you.
May I ask a sample from somebody.
The boundary conditions: I wait money (GBP, British Pound) from a people who live in UK to my GBP revolut account. What should I write to the people from the wire?

This is in regard to personal accounts but I believe it should equally apply to business accounts.

Do you have an active local/personalised GBP account? If so you simply forward your British customers the details of that account. Just make sure it is the local and not the SWIFT one.

@lajos17 It is Iban and BIC code for international transfers. For local UK transfers in GBP we use Sort code and Account number. Hope it will be clear now.