Bank transfers to Revolut - Avoid them at all costs

I would like to take this opportunity to let the community and Revolut know my feelings regarding the shameful service I have received recently. First off I do want to say that I think Revolut have come a long way and have great potential, however my recent experience has really left me completely shocked and appalled by the level of incompetence and clearly poor communication and overall customer service. To say that I have felt I got a higher standard of service at a McDonalds being served by someone who barely spoke English and where my served order was completely incorrect is to put it mildly. Here is my issue - a US dollar bank transfer was sent from Barclays to dare I say my Revolut Dollar account on the 23rd February (Day 1). I got a very efficient Barclays sending a transcript showing all the details for the transfer sent and received by my Recipent account ( Revolut Lloyds Account). All the details were correct as confirmed by the first of many Revolut Live agents. Now the transfer is in fact done and received the same day, but most of us are unaware that banks during transfers which are done the same day actually hold money and earn interest off it whilst inconveniencing us with the delay albeit 1-3-5 days. So I tried to confirm that Revolut had received the funds even if they would not show it on my account. Alas to no avail nobody seemed interested in helping in any way unless I waited 3 days. As the funds were urgent I tried again on day 3 but was told to call back on day 4 as no funds had arrived. So on Day 4 after finding to my surprise that the funds had not been allocated, I am now agitated as funds usually transfer same day, next day and latest 3rd day, so I contact their team and provide documentation showing the transfer and guess what they couldn’t find the money apparently. Yes - you heard right and no small amount either. How can a bank lose money. If that doesn’t concern I don’t what will. Obviously at this stage I’m really concerned as anyone would and rightfully should as at this stage it’s gross incompetence for whatever the reason. Now for the service - well I ended speaking 2-3 people on day 4 as each time their shifts would end leaving me to start again with someone else and each giving almost a robotic reply - ‘we understand your frustration and are doing the best we can’. No answers only that I must wait and they are looking into it. How can you can call that service with no timeframes, no details, no apologies, nothing. It gets better though so I have to chase as clearly by now they must really not want to talk to a man who is more and more agitated as time passes and still no answers or resolution or timeframe. Day 5 - same as day 4 but now they say they have located funds but need a technical team to move funds into my account - ok let’s go with that line, so how long will that take - we will do the best we can. At this point that becomes the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard. Spoke with another 3 agents then lastly the manager who reiterated what his colleagues said and simply apologised that he was unable to help me and that they would the best they can. Basically useless as he either has no power to do anything or was inconsiderate to even suggest he would personally ensure it gets done. Day 6 - still looking into getting it done and speak to another 3 agents. Finally they ask me for some further documentation when I advise them that I will take serious action against them if they do not resolve the issue, but still no timeframes for the transfer. Now they want further documentation not once asked by any of the 10-12 people I dealt with previously which has now cost money in delays as well the incerdible stress and time that I’ve taken to literally follow this up. I cannot repeat this enough, whilst this bank clearly has great potential and is very fancy with some great features what is a bank that cannot find your money or even complete a simple transfer on time. This was my first time sending a transfer to them. LOL - I am almost in tears over how ridiculous this whole experience has been. Trust me nobody should ever have to go through that torment or deserves to. Serious questions should be asked of their management, operations and their customer service. Clearly something or some things need fixing fast as I’ve come to find many people online with similar complaints with one client alleging that it took 14 days and another 3 months to reveieve funds in the last 2 years. This outrageous behaviour is surely unacceptable even by the guidelines set by The Financial Conduct Authority. I have many friends and family who are Revolut clients that are utterly shocked. For now my hope they resolve this by tomorrow Day 7. Will let you know the outcome.


I hope Revolut will get this solved and you’ll get your money in the end.
And when you do, please buy a keyboard that has a return key. The text was really hard to read :wink:


I’ve got a similar issue with them, but a transfer outbound from Revolut.

4 weeks and no sign of the money or its return. I’ve lodged a formal complaint, and await their answer.

My father transferred funds from Barclays UK to his Revolut account and the funds have gone missing.
Waiting for Barclays to send him a bank statement so that he can evidence the transfer to Revolut but reading the comments on these community pages I’m rather concerned that he is not going to see his money again!!

Yes, I apologise. I wrote this from my iPhone and was struggling with it.

Same here, transfered money on 25th of Jan. It never arrived in my Revolut account and cannot be recalled. Sending bank has started official investigation but is not receiving any response/cooperation from Revolut.


Just to let you know as it was a large sum of money they required a legal document which I have sent them.

I received the funds straight after, but I must admit I was tempted to refund the funds at one point, but knew that if it took this long to receive then I would probably struggle to get funds returned.

If anyone needs any advice feel free to email me -

Hi @Ash0380. First I would like to apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this situation has caused you. I’m glad that it’s sorted out now.

I would also like to clarify for future reference, please make sure to use the correct details when making the transfer. Since the transfer was misnamed with incomplete details, for security reasons we need to locate and assign it manually with a transfer confirmation.

Our accounts support third party payments, and as with all payments, will be subject to our usual fraud checks. This may mean that the funds will take a bit longer to reach your account, but we are working to bring this time down and to streamline this process.

If you would like anything clarified please let me know.

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Hi Jessica,

I appreciate your apology, but you do need to check the facts. Your team confirmed that all the details were correct and no one from Revolut once made me aware of any issues that you stated in your message.

I think your company has a lot of problems, and whilst Revolut in concept is brilliant and I love the idea of what you offer, in practise you are unable to deliver effective service from both the operational and customer service viewpoints.

I think you really need to take a hard look at the many issues that are being discussed in your forums as they seem to be repeated periodically without fail. This suggests that you are either grossly incompetent or just simply unable to handle the workload. If the latter is the case perhaps you require a change of management to remedy all of the issues that are clearly overwhelming in number. As a bank it’s shocking to hear money misplaced when all of your agents assured me that everything checked out and was correct from my end, and there were also transcripts for the transfer provided in full, so there is absolutely no excuse for not being able to locate funds.

Now regarding the paperwork well again this was purely lack of communication from the team which led to further delays, and this could have been handled in a more timely fashion had it been communicated from the outset.

Further I had to deal with multiple agents up to 13 who barring 2 young ladies and the last gentleman were unable to provide any guidelines, deadlines or even use language that suggested that the matter would be resolved within a timeframe. Being told that things were being looked at and doing their best is not a satisfactory reply for any customer service anywhere. Personally I felt as though I didn’t matter and that it was a reply you give to all of the clients that are going through the similar issues.

I think that your company has so much work to do to get yourselves where your brand is successful based on the positive comments from your clients.

Right now it feels as though no one in the company understands how banking works. Perhaps you should hire some of the banking professionals from other top financial companies to help yourselves get ahead in the market place. If you already do then I am very concerned about their effectiveness.

I would further retrain your customer services team and educate them to communicate more effectively. Frankly they are overall the worst I’ve spoken with. Furthermore communication via text is simply not effective - you need to get on the telephone because everything takes far too long and I wasted hours every day trying to sort your problems. If you can’t solve all these issues you will struggle to retain good and new clientele.

That is my advice based on what I have seen in 1 week. My job as an advisor is to identify issues and to find solutions - well I have provided a number that you have an opportunity to try and remedy.

I hope you appreciate my advice even if you don’t necessarily agree, but will in time attempt at the least to tackle all of these issues.

I think Revolut can exist in this marketplace and be successful, but first get the basics working seamlessly.

Best Regards,



I am afraid I’ll have to fully agree with all these concerns. Judging from the forum here Revolut’s customer support is in a pretty bad state and unless it is only a very vocal minority (and the majority of happy customers would be silent as so often) this will likely become more and more of an issue with Revolut.

@anon71086934 @anon33247966 @revolut Would you mind providing some quick feedback whether Revolut is aware of this potential issue and if there are plans to bring about improvements in the area of customer support (timely responses, faster reactions, etc.) in the near future? This, assuming it is not the aforementioned minority of course.

For example, I myself would like to deposit a substantial amount and Revolut seems to offer the most viable solution but with the apparent state of customer support and the lack of a banking licence I am extremely hesitant for the time being.


Any feedback as to my previous posting? @anon33247966 @anon71086934 @revolut

Hi again.

Please note that the transfer was assigned to your account after the bank transfer confirmation was requested. This was necessary since the transfer received was in a different name.

Again, apologies for the delay and any inconvenience caused.

I have just a quick question if I can use Payoneer MasterCard with revolut? As a source, you can read it here.

I had no issues when I did a transfer, they ask you to put your Name (in pink) as the reference note.