Bank transfers not received

Hi I am trying to find out how to help and the robot thing isn’t answering, and I’m more than a bit worried to be honest.
Large transfer from EU bank account to Revolut has been done but not recieved after more than 24 hours. All numbers are ok. What can I do, who can I speak to?
Thank you, if anyone is out there…in Revolut

I have the same problem I transferred a large amount of money, but has not been received at receiving bank.

Unless Revolut have gone bankrupt??

similarly over 48 hours and still no sign of euros transferred from uk nat west account - is there aa agreed period for such a credit to appear?

1st may holiday :slight_smile:
Your transfer probably will be in account tomorrow.May vary few days.
Guys-use support chat :joy::+1:

I assume there is 1 may holiday in estonia?

in fairness i did use support chat first thing this morning but no response…but thanks for that thought although why nat west to revolut should go through europe…

Ok first time I’ve needed help and found the little robot who answered very quickly. Yup just be patient it said. Thanks all for the support

Is it top up or bank transfer??
In chat type: ** live agent ** to get past chatbot :+1:

will try live agent but it was a transfer

Why not use top up insted of transfer?
It’s instant aswell :slight_smile:

that sounds very good- next time ill know - thanks.

That’s a good idea! Just link the bank account even if it is in a different country. Love Revolut, but will confirm that when money through :face_with_raised_eyebrow: