Bank Transfers not credited to my Revolut Account

Hi… the same with me, but in my case i can see the money on my extract but not on my banc acount!!!

I am also not receiving transfers of £300 into my Revolut. I am not getting notifications for payments from deliveroo. It seems there is also no customer service. Your system seems to have completely collapsed. I would like to know where My money is and when i will receive it. You arbitrarily declined the
Payment when ive been using the same funding source for 3 years. Unacceptable

I tried to deposit some cash in my Revolut account from a pre paid card. It worked when I first did it 20 days ago but last week I tried again and my money has vanished. The pre paid card company says the money left the account but it never came to my Revolut account. Ive spoken with two different people but the answer is always the same. I think there is a misunderstanding between the two banks but Revolut only gives standards answers and dont try to look deeper to help me find my money. I feel disrespected and dont know what else to do.

I have sent two transfers to my accounts in Revolut on 3rd and 5ft October and as of today still the founds have not reached. In the chat of the APP I am being told every day that they are still waiting an answer from the relevant team and my question is how many days to check two bank transfers when I already provided the swift copies from the outgoing Bank?
It is really frustrating to don’t know where my money is and to don’t get any proper answer from Revolut on this important matters

Hi, I transferred money from my PayPal account on the 30th of September and it still hasn’t shown up in my Revoult Account. The PayPal account was confirmed, so I know all the details are correct. I have been in touch with someone but I keep getting fobbed off and I will be updated when they get around to it. It’s pretty ridiculous that this has gone on this long!! Does anyone know what I can do?