Bank Transfers not credited to my Revolut Account



last week i transfered 300 EUR (on Tuesday), 60 EUR (on Wednesday) and 10 EUR (Thursday) to my Revolut Account. None of these transfers has been credited to my Revolut Account. I talked to your Customer “Support” every day and literally no one is able to help me. The only answers i get is “please wait one more day”, “we will come back to you” etc.

Its really getting annoying now. Who can help me?


Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I think waiting is actually all you could do. If the transfer does not go through, the money should be credited back to your outgoing account. Where did you send the money from? My experience is that it takes just about 1 day for a SEPA transfer.


I am having the same problem. Since changing to Lloyds my transfers have not arrived in my account. Only test amounts of 5 and 10 euros. This has been ongoing since 8 Feb and still not resolved


I have the same problem. I wired 500€ on 24.2. and still haven’t received money on my Revolut card.
What is going on? Thanks.


I have assigned the transfer into your account.


I can see large bank transfers in your account. Can you please DM me?


Hi, I have the same problem, last Monday (27th February) I transfered 1000€ from my French account to my revolut account and I have still not received the money, what is going on?



Hi @Camleg,

As I can see the transfer has been assigned into your account this morning. International transfers take up 3 working days.


I have the same problem. 600£ transferred on 28.2 and I am still waiting. No one is responding to messages


Yes it has been managed manually by one member of the support team.


Just so that we are very clear this WAS NOT an international transaction. It was a simple bank transfer - should have taken less than 24 hours!


That’s correct. However, there was a name mismatch.


Yes. But

  1. I have been contacting your chat support team EVERY day and got no response
  2. I always transfer money from the same account to Revolut
  3. my name is the same, but because of its length Natwest shortens it. Always in the same way. I don’t understand why this is such a huge issue every time


I’ll contact you via a direct message and I will let you know how the transfer appears.


Please help me as well. Sent money from Sweden. SEB verification nr NR 270465626003
445,63 Gbp sent 15 february


Same problem. Still waiting for a transfer done on 22th Feb. Please unblock it, if possible.


Have the same problem. I’m still waiting for a transfer (done on 1st of march). No responses from support


I got same problem I transferred money from my bank 100€ but till now nothing from 1rst March .I talked with support but no solution yet.

Best regards


Hello Andreas,
Can you help me too? I am waiting for more than 5 days now for a transference of 500€. I put the correct reference but I’m afraid there was a mismatch name on the account holder name field.


Crediting a SEPA transfer to my account seems to be taking much longer this time: it used to appear within 2-3 days previously while this time it’s the 4th day already and no sign of money yet. Is it related to the payment processor outage?