Bank Transfers into Revolut not goin through


I made a relatively large top up via Bank Transfer. It has still not been processed or arrived in my Revolut account. Nor has the money someone sent the other day. This is unacceptable and amateurish from Revolut. I want my money! What’s more frustrating is the long wait in the Chat! Where no one is helpful! Im at the point of leaving Revolut now.


Did that transfer maybe push you over your top-up-limit? You can check in the app in the profile section what your current limit is


Not even close to my limit…


I’m the same , had a £1000 refund payed in from s company on the 25th April and it still is not in my account . Gone to the FOS for help now .


OK, I was just wondering because you said “fairly large”.
What currency did you use for your top-up and to which account, e.g. in GBP to top-up your UK account or in EUR to top-up your EUR account?


GBP to Top Up GBP account. Chat service is useless. I have no idea where my money is or has gone!


Maybe @AndreasK or @JessicaZ can help you out


If @AndreasK or @JessicaZ could, that’d be great!


As I can see you have received the payment.

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