Bank transfers are not getting processed


I have made a bank transfer Thursday and Saturday from my Revolut account to my EUR IBAN bank account and the status is still pending. Tried to contact customer support Saturday at 11am but so far got no response.


Wait until first workday, then money will be sent. You will be informed by email.


Gotcha but then my payment from Thursday should’ve been processed Friday.


Have you got any message referring to this?


No I didn’t get any messages


Hey @yongeneglinton :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with :r:'s in-app support chat?

You can do so by tapping Support in the More tab of the app and typing live agent


Yeah I messaged them Saturday morning but so far I haven’t heard back from them. I think their payment processor might be overwhelmed by the number of transactions created by the people buying Bitcoins.


In that case, as @juliopp said, you should’ve contacted with support. I suggest via Twitter.


I’ll try that, thank you.


So I contacted customer service via Twitter but they do not seem to understand my problem. I explained over and over again that the bank transfers I had initiated have not been processed by them, hence status: pending.

I even sent screenshots but only keep getting standard answers where they tell me that a transfer from a UK account to EUR takes up to 3-5 work days…

I understand that they’re probably understaffed on weekends and have to handle a big workload, but if they obviously don’t even look into my account to identify the problem then what is the point of having customer support in the first place??

I loved Revolut from the day the launched in Germany, but if I now have to worry about my bank transfers not being processed then I simply cannot use them as my main paying account.


I have had multiple instances of EUR SEPA transfers from Revolut hitting the account I’ve sent funds to before the app updates to completed. It said ‘Pending’ for a few days after it was complete.

At any rate, their customer support has declined greatly in recent months and I genuinely fear for the future.


That’s good to know, I’ll look out to see if the money arrives, and yes the customer service got extremely bad since Thursday (Cryptocurrency launch).


It’s not just that, it seems they’ve taken on new staff that don’t really seem to be able to understand the questions asked of them.


That’s the impression I’m getting too. It fine if they have new staff but if they don’t know the answer I rather have them ask a coworker and give me a right answer instead of sending me standard answers that don’t apply to my request.


Depends when you did it on Thursday. Cut-off for these transactions is often 4pm. Most likely, it will be transferred today.