Bank Transfere - please help!

I transferred 1k from my UK bank account to revolut account 2 days ago. When I log into my Revoult account it says ‘payment pending’. Anyone have any ideas how long the payment will take to clear?
When looking Revoult FAQ it says the merchant has to claim the payment in order for it to ‘clear’. How do I do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you checked your annual top up limit? Is your account fully verified? Check this under more —> profile —> verification and limits.

More about this in the FAQs. :wink:

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your response.

I am still within my cash limit so not sure why the payment is still pending. I have reviewed the FAQ & although they are helpful they don’t clearly explain what I have to do as a ‘merchant’ to claim the money I transferred to my Rev account. All it says is I have up to 10 days to claim payment or it will be transferred back to the sender ( which is myself in this case).
Slightly confusing!

I appreciate your help.


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Hi @Mq1120.

You will have to increase your annual top-up limits. Tap More–>Profile–>Verifications & Limits.

Check here what documents you need to upload:

You probably got confused by different limits and the pending status. This is not about spending transactions, or a pending card payment. This is about a yearly limit for incoming money. It has nothing to do with a merchant at all!

It’s called the top up limit in the FAQs, and you can check it out under more —> profile —> verification and limits.

Hi Jessica.

Thanks for your response.

As I only transferred 1 thousand GBP I am still within my spending limit hence I am unsure why I have to increase my spending limit as I have only transferred small sums thus far.
The sums I transferred are from a savings account - I am currently travelling in South America & will be for the next few months hence I do not have access of work payslips that have generated savings.

I have already provided Revoult with appropriate identification when I registered my card.

Can you please advise how to proceeded in this instance as I urgently need access to this money as it is my only scource of funds while travelling.

Many Thanks,


Please reach out to our in-app support team and an agent will be able to assist you with either increasing your limits or reverting the funds.


In relation to my original messages a week ago I have still not been able to have access to funds that I transferred to Revoult account. It has been 10 days since funds were transferred . I have uploaded documents on the app however no one has got back to me. This is totally unsatisfactory.

I have also tried to add a new debit card to the account however it’s has been rejected. I have contacted my bank and they say the issue is with revolut.
I have messaged app support & they said someone will contact me within 96 hours!! This is totally unacceptable, I am currently travelling in South America & have no access to other funds. I urgently need access to this money. Could someone please contact me ASAP to resolve this issue as I am in dire straits as I have no access to funds. I really cannot stress enough how urgently I need access to this money. Can someone please contact me via email or 00447519826951.