Bank transfer with no postcode

Hello I am trying to make a bank transfer to a business in Southern Africa. Revolut is asking for the address of the business and requires a postcode. The business only has a PO Box address and doesnt have a postcode, but the Revolut system wont let me proceed without a valid postcode. Is there a way of bypassing this? Thanks

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Hi @smashd,

Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?

What’s the name of the Bank?

Hi there,
I have a similar problem - in that the bank in Turkey I am trying to transfer to has no postcode so the app is not letting me proceed

Can you help please?


Hey. Please contact your bank in Turkey to get the postcode of your bank. I’ve seen transfers to Turkey using a full address.

Hi Andreas,

It’s actually a Turkish bank based in Northern Cyprus and I don’t think they have postcodes - anyway around this?

Or is the postcode used just for the main banks address rather than the branch you want it transferred to?


No you need to use the address of the specific branch.


I am facing the same issue. The hotel I am trying to pay via Revolut is in Tanzania and had no postcode. I cannot add his account. Can you please help?


Why are you trying to transfer funds to the hotel instead of paying by card?

Yes that’s why I’m asking too :slight_smile:

Some hotels in non-developed countries don’t accept the card or will charge you a ridiculous fee. They tend to ask for bank transfer or cash instead…

I’m trying to pay a company in Hong Kong and they don’t have postcodes. Please help.

I normally use “0000” or “…” for countries that have no post code and it works well. Revolut drove me mad when trying to send my new card to Hong Kong which has no applied post code system but Revolut knew it better and insisted that I provide a post code. In the end, I found out that there is one post code for whole of Hong Kong which Revolut referred to but nobody uses (and also makes delivery in Hong Kong not easier if there is one code for 8 million people). I told them if they know it better they should find out the post code and put it on the letter. The letter arrived and no post code was used. Thanks Revolut to harass your customizers.

I have the same issue for an international transfer that I would like to make in Tanzania for a safari (tourism company). I cannot pay online and I need to do a wire, they send me their complete physical address but there is no postcode.
Thank you