Bank Transfer wasn't credited to my revolut account


I transfered money from my bank account to my revolut account.

The money left my bank account on April 4th but still hasn’t arrived on my revolut account.

Here are the information I entered for the payment:

It’s been a month already and Revolut In-App CS isn’t of much help.

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Maybe @anon33247966 or @anon71086934 can speed things up

So you sent francs? Did you make sure to include the reference number?

Yes I sent francs
Yes I included the reference number (not shown here for security reasons)

Everything is fixed. Finally got help via the In-app chat with a live agent (also possible via Facebook Messenger).

Seems like sometimes the reference number is not read correctly by the processor/system during the transfer.

To fix the problem, the revolut team needs the confirmation document with sender/beneficiary’s details, date and amount in order to assign the lost payment manually.

Hope this helps!