Bank Transfer wasn’t credited to my revolut account

Bit worried here.
My boss credited me my salary yesterday, but it still hasn’t shown up on my account.

Please help.

What currency and to which account?

Pounds, and it was sent to my English account.

The local (personalised) account or the SWIFT one? Have you already contacted support? Dont forget to type “live agent”.

The local one. I’ve tried contacting the help support with the chat, but the bot told they will be back to me in about 4 hours.

I’m posting here in hopes I can find a quicker solution

My account is to my Italian name, which is Michele. But my boss sent it writing Michael. Can that be a problem?

It might be.

For SEPA transfers, regulators do not demand a name check at all. But who knows how Revolut’s system is set up. It seems sometimes a litte bit over-sensitive.

I would provide support some sort of receipt of the payment that shows name and account no. of the sender’s account and ask them to investigate this.

Thanks for the reply. DO you think I should just wait it out until this afternoon?

It was not a SEPA transfer, but one within the UK.

Im in the same. I was paid on 4th of may and still no money. Im in a disparete situatkion. Was mai last salary. I had to live the house and i have no money. To eat. To dribk. To smoke. To buy a tiket back to my country. Its simply horror. I could use any advice