Bank transfer to Revolut via Transferwise

Hello, I’d like to ask:

  1. Can I charge my Revolut card via Transferwise? I have a Bulgarian bank account and if I transfer money directly to the Revolut UK Bank account at Barclays, my bank will charge me high fees because Bulgaria is not in the Eurozone. On the contrary, if I transfer money to Revolut via Transferwise the fee will be little. However, the sender of the money to Revolut will be a bank account officially in the name of Transferwise, it is a problem?
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I think top up the money to an account via an intermediary is not allowed. But you can create your own account (with your own name and unique IBAN) in Lithuanian Paysera service. To Paysera account you can send the EUR through Transferwise. And subsequently send money from YOUR OWN Paysera account as SEPA transfer to the Revolut. Small amounts may be more appropriate to send a collection Paysera account in Bulgarian bank in BGN and converted into euros through Paysera service.

I have used Paysera and it is a good solution. I have both company and personal accounts at Paysera. As such, my company can pay my travel expenses to my personal account within Paysera, then I transfer the money to Revolut. It would certainly be better if Revolut would accept money from my company directly, but while Revolut sorts out the compliance complications associated with third party payments, Paysera is a solution that works well.

Would Paysera be a solution you recommend to top-up from Singapore Dollars, convert it into Euros, and transfer it to Revolut?

I check their website and I understand that I can convert currencies with limited fees and transfer Euros to Revolut with no fees but it is not clear if I can hold Singapore dollars with Paysera to top up at the first place.

Subaccount denominated in SGD Paysera provides. Incoming payment in SGD is but for a fee equal to 2 euros. Some fee may also require the payer’s bank. Paysera current exchange rate is 1 SGD = 0.64 EUR.

Thanks for sharing VIR. The exchange rate makes it expensive!

On Paysera EUR subaccount would be better to send the money through Transsferwise already converted from SGD to EUR. (At present 1000 SGD => 656,39 EUR, 6 $ fee included.)

Just to note, be careful with the Paysera service as it might be a scam! See and for more information