Bank Transfer to Myself Abroad


I am trying to send USD from Revolut in the UK to my personal bank account in South Korea.

When I add a new beneficiary, I click on ‘To myself’, enter South Korea and USD, put my account number and BIC/SWIFT details.

Revolut then asks me for the beneficiary’s address. Should I enter my Korean bank address here or my home address in Korea, which is linked to my bank account?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

It has to be the address that’s on your bank account :slight_smile:

I have a similiar problem. I live in Switzerland, but do have a US bank account. Now, I need to move some USD from the bank account to Revolut, but I’m getting nowhere.

If I select USD in Revolut and then select “+ Top Up”, I can choose either Credit card, Apple Pay or bank transfer. If I choose “Credit card” and enter the information of my US credit card, Revolut wants to charge $10 transaction fee for a foreign card, but it is a US card and I want to make a USD transaction, so this doesn’t make any sense.

Apple Pay would be easiest of course, but I cannot activate it, as it needs a US based mobile no. which I do not have.

Finally bank transfer shows me a GB IBAN, which I cannot use for payments from the US bank. As Revolut is now registered in the US as well, shouldn’t I be able to transfer money from my US account to theirs?

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That’s the point. Your account is registered in Switzerland, and a US card is therefore a foreign card.

(Cards issued in the US have drastically higher merchant fees, that’s why fees for some cards like foreign cards or business cards are higher.)

Since Revolut does not offer local US account details for customers outside the US and your US bank doesn’t allow you to activate Apple Pay, a SWIFT transfer seems to be your only option. The GB IBAN is totally fine for that, it might be worth contacting your US bank why they aren’t accepting GB IBANSs for international transfers in USD.

(Also, check out Wise. Might be better suited for your needs.)