Bank transfer still not made after 7 days!

I transferred money fron my Lloyds Bank account to the Revolut swift account (by mistake) instead of my revolut GB acoount. After 7 days the money still not reached my account…What’s going on?

Have you provided reference number?
If not-you have to contact with support.
Do not forget to type live agent

It might be they cant assign it due to the erroneous transfer. You best contact support and clarify it. Just expect some waiting time.

Everything is ok, the money should reached your acoount in 2 hours, but for any reason you are keeping my money without giving me an explanation…

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Thats what you got from support? Well, then everything seems to be alright anyhow.

I’ve spoked with a live agent yesterday and today ,but no answer…

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I don’t understand the second part of what you are talking about:

I don’t work for revolut… Maybe should I start?
@AndreasK what do you think? :wink:

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Depends on the salary and whether there’ll be any problems wiring it to my Revolut account :laughing:

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After 7 days? Everything is ok, numbers, etc. They just are keeping the money for no reason.

What is okay? You just said you wired it to the wrong account, didnt you? They might have received it but now need to assign it manually. Only support can help you here.

No offence, but if you had wired it to the right account there wouldnt be a problem :wink:

Ok, I understood that you have provided reference number. So it that case you can either contact them via support (as I’ve written above) or via DM on Twitter.
Here our best revolut representative is @AndreasK.

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They are 2 types of bank transfers: one with swift and one with normal account. By mistake I’ve send to the swift because on the app my personal account needed activation I dont know why -after 1 year of beeing cliet. So the swift transfer is ok, just takes longer. But not 8 days.

Alright, are you saying that you transferred via SWIFT but with all the relevant account data? If that is actually the case, then yes, it shouldnt to be manually assigned. So yes, if that was the case it should have shown up. @AndreasK or @JessicaZ will be probably able to help you.

Thank you for mocking me. You are laughing but I have to pay my rent and now thank to Revolut I am already 1 week late and no info about when or if I’ll see my money. My top up transfer from uk Lloyd account to snother uk Lloyd acc. should take hours. That means they are keeping or using my money.

What? Would you be kind enough to point out where I am allegedly mocking you? In an earlier response I mentioned I’d consider you responsible for this mix up as well, as you wired it to the wrong account. As you seem to have clarified that you did not do this but only used SWIFT with all proper information instead of the local account I even showed my understanding and pointed you in the right direction.

I doubt Revolut is keeping your money to prevent you from spending it, something went wrong and needs fixing.

Hey there. Really sorry to hear that. Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?

hi yesterday i sent money to Georgia in pounds, today i got email saying Transfer has been executed. could you advice me how to fill beneficiary details?

I have everything, all are ok, just my money are srsying with Revoulut with no explanation…tomorrow I’ll make some complaints.

Really? Are you going to complain about sending funds to a wrong account? wow!

Well, from what I understood he did not send it to the wrong account but simply via SWIFT instead of a local one. If that was the case it was not his fault.