Bank Transfer Refunds

I set premium account with this app as was put on to it by a friend. Huge mistake! I transferred to get my wages paid into this app which was £9,900 meant enter my account on 9 April but because it exceeded my limit (which I never knew about) I needed to send live passport photos which I was unable to at the time so I asked to return my wages back to my employer which they said they did.

That was on 9 April, I am still waiting for my funds to be returned! First I was told by online support it takes 7 working days, that went by so back online chat support I went to be told it takes 10 working days, that went by no money returned so once again back online to support, to be told this time I was miss informed it takes 20 working days! Still no money returned back online support to be told money has not been transferred and it “ should” be transferred next week!!

This is unacceptable, also they have now left me assigned to online chat for 4 days now with no one answering me as I can’t get a live agent with being assigned for 4 days constant which I believe was done on purpose.

This app is a total scam, looks like I am going to have to start legal action when am home to refund my wages!

It has ruined my credit rating as I have missed payments because of this app holding onto my wages!

Nothing but stress with this app, also chat online support is shocking, getting told lie after lie every week I went on!

I also have screenshots of online chat to support this.

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Unfortunate that you didn’t take time to understand how :r: works before committing such a large sum of money. If you had verified your account initially you probably wouldn’t have had a problem.
@AndreasK should be able to help

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Yes it is unfortunate, I understand that but I don’t understand why it takes so long to return my money and also to be getting told lie after lie every week on the timescale from online support, it’s been transferred back, it hasn’t been transferred back etc etc