Bank Transfer: Proof of Transaction/Sending Receipt


I am currently sending a regular payment from Transferwise as I need a transaction receipt I can save for proof of payment. This receipt is used for both tax and legal reasons.

Can I get something similar via Revolut? I need the receipt to show:

  • Value sent plus any fees
  • Sender currency
  • Recipient Name/Details
  • Recipient amount received
  • Recipient currency
  • Date sent/received
  • Transfer text reference

Anything else such as pretty Revolut branding is a bonus. I need this to be for the individual transaction and NOT just the statement which could show multiple transactions.

I already sent a test transfer to myself and can’t see any way to get a receipt (not using business account). I’d love to move from TW but this receipt is a tax/legal requirement :-/

Is this a “new” requirement or possible today somehow that I haven’t seen?

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You can get a statement for a single transaction by tapping the corresponding transaction -> statement.

Though I am not sure if everything you want is covered.