Bank Transfer Problem - two currencies

Hello Guys!
I am new to Revolut so if there is topic about that then I am sorry.
Yesterday I have requested to transfer money from my regular bank account in dollars to my Revolut account. But I have made mistake. Instead of transfering my dollars to Revolut Dollar account, I have send it using account number and all the info from my Revolut Account which is in Polish Zlotys. Will I loose my money?

Hey @Artur1995 :slight_smile:

Different things might happen:

  • An intermediary bank will exchange the money, and not :r:, charging you and giving you a bad exchange rate (you’ll lose money)
  • The transfer will bounce back (you shouldn’t lose money)
  • The transfer will be correctly assigned (unlikely)

You should confirm this with the in-app support team, through the More tab of the app, clicking Support, then live chat, and typing live agent when greeted by Rita the robot :wink:

Thank you for your fast reply!
That is what I thought and assume may happen. I am really new to this that is why made such a mistake. Well I hope I will learn from this mistake. And I shall wait for someone from Support on live chat.
Thank you!