Bank transfer not received

I face a similar issue, sent money 2 weeks ago from Revolut to a Czech bank and they weren’t received at the destination.
I asked the recipient to check with his bank and he confirmed that the money didn’t arrive, the bank can’t see any transaction coming from Revolut to that account.
IBAN was used to send the transfer.

Please advise as there seems to be no way of tracing or reverting the transfer.
Thank you!

Could you please help me.
I recieve my salary in my Revolut account, regularly. Friday my boss transferred the salary but the money did not entered in my account.
I’m from Romania and the transfer was made in the new Romanian IBAN.

Hey! Have you got your transfer at the end ? It has been already 2 weeks, my money still not arrived. I am very upset.

Yes Anastasya,

I got them. Make sure every transfer detail was right.

I contacted the other bank and they found that the transfer was blocked because of misspelled name.

Hope you solve it asap!

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Sorry to disturb.

My partner sent me money from French banck BNP Paribas but on thé former GB22REVO IBAN although there is a new LT IBAN In Lithuania or Latvia…

Do you believe it will be rerouted automatically to my account ?

Kind regards

The old GB IBAN should still work.

Btw. :r: has a help section on their website:

Hey! I transferred an amount of €300 on 6th January from my Dutch bank account (ABN Amro) to my Revolut € account and the money hasn’t arrived yet. It used to be instantaneous before, I contacted ABN Amro and they confirmed they successfully processed the transfer however it never appeared on my Revolut account. IBAN was correct of course. Any suggestions apart from contacting Revolut chat and initiating an investigation with ABN Amro? I did both of these but I’m still €300 out of pocket at the moment.

I have exactly the same issue, I did execute the transfer on the 4th since they moved to Lithuania I’m really disappointed with Revo.

I know it will not help you getting your €300, but my suggestion would be to use iDeal top up in the future.