Bank transfer not received

Hi, 6 days ago (end of january) a company sent me a wire transfer of 25€ to my revolut account. I have not received this money till today. IBAN & BIC are correct, but they used my middle name so just the surname is correct. This has never been a problem with other bank accounts before but maybe that’s the reason the money hasn’t gone through yet.

I’m glad that I have only been testing revolut for some low money transfers till now, so I’m not missing a huge amount of money as some other people apparently do. But please check this, I’d really like to know where my money is.

Kind Regards


Hey @Marc93 :slight_smile:

Where did you get it sent to?
GBP account? EUR IBAN? :wink:

I did get it sent to EUR IBAN

Hey @Marc93 :slight_smile:

Please, search the forum for the term REVOGB2L (click here to search, note it’s very close to the BIC but it’s not the same) to check if this issue might have affected you :thinking:

How can I know if this issue has affected me? And more importantly what happens to the money of the people affected? BIC:REVOGB21 is still the BIC shown in my Revolut App, the wire transfer was on January 31.

Hey @Marc93 :slight_smile:

Check the BIC code of the transfer with the sending bank (regardless of what you typed when making the transfer) :wink:

Theory says it will bounce back after some time. Practice says you’ll have to wait if you’re affected to find out :frowning:

As I wrote before the Transfer was made by some company so I don’t even know who the sending bank is. They marked the money as sent on January 31.
I guess I will waite for some days and eventually close my Revolut Account. There are just too many people here having trouble getting their money back for several shady reasons (topics go back for over a year now).

Hi Marc.

Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?

The only confirmation I have is an email comfirmation from the company that sent me the money (cashback service). As I wrote before they marked the money as sent on January 30. I’ve dealt with them before and the money had always arrived within one business day to my german bank account whereas the 25€ to my Revolut account are missing for a week now.

most probably the BIC was changed to the wrong REVOGB2L due to the faulty database entry at the time, which did happen for my transfers on 30th Jan, although I entered the correct REVOGB21 in the SEPA details

Bounce back of the money nowhere in sight …

It’s possible that you bank incorrectly assigned non-sepa BIC to our IBAN. Please ask them to update their IBAN tables or manually change the BIC for them to the SEPA one: REVOGB21 if their table is not updated. Please be aware that the correct SEPA BIC which you can see in the app is: REVOGB21. As our account accepts only local SEPA payments, the transfer will bounce back automatically to your bank account. If the funds don’t reach you back within 5 days please ask your bank to recall the transfer.

Recall the payment and pay a fee? Will Revolut refund it? Your reply is as disappointing as the messages we’ve already received from the in app live agents. Why do so many banks got the BIC suddenly wrong? I do many SEPA transactions and this never happened. Sounds like your fault and you should give us a proper solution… return the money without us paying extra charges or refund the extra charges!

I just received some of my money back… only € 70 of €100. Will you refund me the €30? Proof that you are a serious company…

I used the BIC from the app, but it was changed to the faulty one, because of the wrong entry in the database at this time.
My bank can’t call back the transfer, already talked to them …
So, 6 working days now and still no bounce back

I completely understand your frustration, however, the sender is responsible for entering the correct account details while initiating the transfer. Unfortunately, we can see that the incorrect BIC was used which is not present in the app. We advise you to get in touch with your bank about this issue as it seems they need to update their IBAN tables.

Sorry, but you are talking/repeating (the same) rubbish… and let your customers pay for your faults. Disgusting. I also entered the correct BIC… which you no longer have to do for SEPA payments…

Have the same issue. I transferred money from my own bank account to the revolut account at January the 26th.
My bank says that transfer was successful, and it should be on the revolut account. But it’s not, revolut only repeats to wait 2-3 days over and over and that the transfer will be bounced in case it was incorrect.
If I want to recall or research this transfer, I have to pay my bank €30,- costs!
My colleague advised me revolut because of his good experiences…well I can tell that I definitely don’t agree!

I have the same issue. Trying to talk to agents on the app, but they don’t offer any solution. Just repeating the same: maybe wrong details. I think the company should be working on a solutions instead of offering the same excuse over and over again.
I had a third party transfer to my account more than 10 days ago. Until now nobody can tell me whats happening.
Even a regular bank would be more efficient! And the problem would be solved, so what is the point of this?
Hello REVOLUT, please check my transfer ASAP.

Hello ! I am having the same issue ! I made a transfer from my revolut bank account to a local bank account in Singapore. It has been more than 7 working days and still no transfer in the recipient account! Please help !!!

I transferred £4500 from HSBC account to Revolut account. How long takes to receive the money in the Revolut account ?