Bank Transfer not credited from a week

Is there someone from support who can help in investigating a CHF transfer from a Swiss bank which is yet not credited to my Revolut card CHF Account?

Have you tried ask support for help (in-app chat)?
If you’re in a hurry I suggest send DM on Twitter.

Yes, I tried the in-app chat for support.
They asked me snapshots of my transfer, but this is not really easy to do that using a smartphone.
I can do that very quickly right now on this feedback from my laptop as I can copy/paste a snapshot quickly but it’s going to be not safe and not confidential.
Why not providing a Web Desktop/Laptop secure access for Support ?

I have the same issue, transfer of $8,600 sent a week ago does not appear on my account. Support says they received it, but I need to justify my receipt of this transfer and send cover documents. Without saying what docs they transfer my case and now everything is ignored. No replies to any texts, just a generic message saying expect to hear back in 96-hours!! First experience of Revolut and i’m appalled by this service. It’s simply disgusting that they ignore messages, do not alert you that this may happen and instead sell the whole product on ‘free Easy transfers’. A week into my Revolut experience and i’m already calling everyone I originally recommended it to…

Yes, You are right, they are not saying this is so complex, they are saying this is easy, simple and immediate…
I can imagine they do not want to assign your transfer to another account than yours.
But my transfer was done as they suggested, to their bank, together with everything’s right the IBAN and the code they sent to me, carefully written in the Reference field of the Transfer order.
Even with every things OK, they still requires a justification of that transfer claiming to provide them a snapshot of the original order or the debit advice of my bank.
If this is going to be always the case, there is no way to continue with Revolut.

Hi Christian, my issue was sorted this morning in a couple of minutes. While waiting for their reply (as my transfer was a salary) I sent over a selfie and passport photo page, a copy of my employment contract and filtered bank statement showing past salary inward transfers. I appreciate that they have to prove they are not being used as a platform to launder money, so it looks like they have to ‘justify’ transfers that are larger than paying for a coffee in Starbucks. :wink: Good luck with your case squire and hope some of the above helps or is at least encouraging. Craig

Hi Craig,
Thanks for having shared our difficulties.
This is also OK for me this morning after having taken a picture of my Bank transfer order slip.
Good luck for you in experimenting this ‘looking nice’ new way of payment.
By the way, I’m not sure becoming Premium is better than a traditional Bank, as costs looks the same (at least as European costs).