Bank Transfer Money NOT RECEIVED


I’ve transferred a certain amount of money on Thursday, 27th April but this money still hasn’t been allocated to my Revolut account. I’ve been in contact with Revolut Customer Support since but didn’t provide any assistance or help whatsoever.

I’ve communicated with Customer Support today, 08:00AM but still haven’t received any replies three hours after. I’m currently abroad and left without this money. Also tried contacting Loyds Bank but couldn’t provide any assistance since these accounts aren’t in my name respectively.

I feel I’m being scammed and ignored as Revolut have this money (As confirmed by HSBC) but still hasn’t arrived to my Revolut account.

Can someone from Revolut Personnel check and proceed with urgency accordingly?

I’ll be escalating this matter with Revolut’s acquirer and card schemes moving forward as this service should not be given to card holders.

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You’re not the only one. I too have transferred money on Thursday and so far it has not arrived on my account yet. Also already abroad and currently almost without money on my Revolut card. I have had to fallback to my non-revolut card so incurring higher charges at the moment.

I opened a support ticket this morning, but also no reply yet.

Exactly the same problem for me. I made a transfer on thursday and still nothing. No help at all from Revolut Customer Service. I contacted my bank and I have been told to launch an internal investigation if transfer was not effective today.

I have the same problem. Money sent via money exchange on the 24 April. Waited so long on live chat. No help. DM on twitter still asking questions. Checked all the details are correct so Revolut should have the money but not allocated to my account. Where is my money? This service is not looking good.

I have a similar problem!! I wired my Revolut account funds that were not accepted by Revolut because I went over my limit for the year. They said they would send back to me on April 27th…but funds have still not arrived 5 banking days later!

Support chat is not responding to my requests now, I don’t know if they are screening me! I really want my money back and will close the account. I really do not have faith in them. Cannot figure why they would not reply to my support texts!

Same here! Would love to know where my money are

Hi! Have you tried contacting support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: ? :slight_smile:

It seems nobody is getting back :confused:

They might not be online anymore, wait until tomorrow morning! :slight_smile:

Yesterday I have received a reply from support on FB, giving me the “Monday was bank holiday excuse”. They told me to wait another day. Which I have done now, still nothing. I have contacted them again, waiting for a reply now.

Since I am not the only one running into the issue it seems something is seriously wrong in their system. I have been able to transfer money successfully before and really loved the service so far. However this is really starting to put me off. I hope they resolve this quickly, as well as start responding to the stream of support messages a bit quicker.It’s starting to get unacceptable.

Hi @lexderuijter, just out of curiosity, when you write that you transferred money successfully before, was it from the same account this time?

Yes, to and from exactly the same account

Okay. EUR IBANs for top-ups changed lately. From Barclays to Lloyds. Could it be that this change happened in between your two transfers?

I myself use a pre-filled template for recurring transfers like this and I almost did not notice the change because why is one supped to double check every time one makes a new transfer?!

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Nope, this and previous time I transferred to Lloyds (also using a template). I was expecting some delay because of the bank holiday, but not the 8 days it’s been taking now.

Thanks for thinking with me though :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, that is unusually long.

There seem to be a lot of us with this problem! I sent money across on Sunday 30 th from HSBC UK account to the Lloyds Revolut account. Ok, weekend and bank holiday intervening but 4 working days later, my money is still floating about somewhere. Note that my transfer is from a UK bank account to a Revolut Lloyds UK account. According to HSBC should take around two hours. I happen to live in France, but why should that affect a UK internal transfer. Seems that a poor system set up by Revolut is the cause? It also seems to be getting worse.

Same here unfortunately :frowning:

I have transferred money from my U.K. Barclays account to Revolut Lloyds account. It’s been 6 days now and still not showing on my account. No help from the Chat either. Same problem here.

I do have to say that I forgot to post an update here; I did finally get my money after 9 days. On Saturday late afternoon. While I do accept that there was a bank holiday in between it was annoyingly long. Also, the fact that it finally arrived on Saturday I found weird. The banks are closed on a Saturday after all, making it seem to me it’s not a bank that processed the transfer late but Revolut itself.

I did also finally got through to their support. While not being able to give me an exact reason for the delay, they did apologize and said they are looking to improve this in the future by switching 3rd party providers they rely on.

I have a similar problem with my money being held somewhere between my bank and my Revolut account after a transfer using the sort code and account number. Does anyone has succeed to contact them? My money is held since the 5th of July!