Bank transfer missing



I’ve topped up my account with a bank transfer 2 weeks ago and the money didn’t arrive on my bank account. I can’t get to speak with the support ever since. I always get a message saying the support is under a high amount of request.



Hi @Alx, was it a SEPA transfer? Was it from an account in your name? And did you double check if you included the right reference code?


Hi @frank,

Yes it was from my french account to the eur generic revolut bank account. It did put the reference number in the reference field of the transfer form but maybe I should have written it in the description field as well.


Yes, I can imagine that different banks handle it different with the additional text fields. In principle, the reference field should be good. But since my bank usually does not show the end-to-end reference filed by default, I always and only use the description text. I guess that is something one has to figure out.

As time consuming as it might be, I would contact support, and send them a proof of transfer from your bank with details like the sender’s IBAN. They should be able to find the transfer and allocate it manually to your Revolut account.


Yes thank you for your help.
The support doesn’t seem to work for me for days.
Do I have to type something specific in order to get an agent?

I tried to explain my problem, I tried “live agent”, I even tried begging but there’s no one there ^^.


Well, it takes some time to respond for them. They also had reduced working hours over the Easter holidays. But they will eventually come back to you. My experience is it is like all call centers. Best is first thing in the morning, worst are lunch time, after work during the week and weekends.

I would tell Rita to ask for a live agent and provide all necessary documents right away, that an agent, once she or he takes over your case, can understand and solve the problem without further questions. That might speed up things a little bit.


Hello @Alx,

I’ll get in touch with your via a direct message to solve this as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Thank you


Issue solved. I’ve got my money on my account. Feel relaxed :slight_smile: .
I didn’t put the operation number in the right field in my transfer.

Thank you revolut team.
The application rocks by the way