Bank transfer, lost funds and ruined wedding


I recently Used Revolut to make payments to vendors for my destination wedding in Malta. On one occasion my wedding venue gave me the incorrect bic/swift code for the account that she gave me. Payment was made and then returned within 2 days. When I realised the error I added the correct payment details and tried to make payment again but it was transferred using the original incorrect bic/swift code!!! I then used the chat ‘service’ to see if this could be cancelled they said no and it would be returned within 2 days as previous. This was on 20/06/18

As funds have still not been returned. I was told the day before my wedding if no payment was received it would be cancelled. I had guests travel from as far as Canada to be there and you can imagine the stress this caused. As I am in a foreign country I am unable to make transfers from my online bank account to an unknown payee as they do a security call back which does not work abroad. after scraping some money together I had a work colleague who I have made payment to before, agree to transfer the funds to the venue if I sent them to her (half of the payment due because that’s all I had). She was not able to do this until the fielding day when she arrived at work, being an hour behind in the U.K. I was told at 11 on my wedding day that the wedding could proceed and had them hounding me by text all day when I was getting ready about the final payment.

The following day I had the police show up at my hotel and have been told I will be detained if I don’t make the final payment. Revolut keep telling me a recall has been made and there’s is no timeframe I should just wait and contact them in 10 days if nothing is returned. I made a complaint 3 days ago which has not yet been acknowledged. I have been told bank of Lithuania was used to make the transfer but I should not contact them. If this matter is not resolved today and I am detained in Malta I will be contacting U.K. fraud and police and every social media output I can to inform people of this absurd service.

If anyone has any advice I’d appreciate any help at all


Hey there. As I can see the transfer is back in your account. Can you please check your EUR wallet?


I can’t imagine the state of mind in which you are, especially for this important moment.

But clearly the fault is on the wedding venue side.

They have provided wrong information and have horrible customer services : hounding by SMS the DAY of your wedding, police the day after… seriously? This is heartless…


Tell me about it. She is refusing responsibility because I should have seen they were two different bank accounts. She even had the audacity to cry because she was worried about losing her job. Anyway, miraculously the money has magically appeared in my account just now.


I am happy for you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. It’s a huge relief but yes I have been treated very badly by the wedding venue and they have a huge complaint coming their way!