Bank Transfer Issue - Latest App Version


Has anyone been experiencing the inability to transfer funds out of their Revolut account into ANY of their bank accounts since the Jan 13 release?

I’m in a situation where I need to urgently transfer funds out of my Revolut account into my local bank account and have been unable to do so for the last three days.

Transfers worked fine prior to the last app update, and a new version was released today which I was informed by Revolut support would resolve my issue (apparently this only affects a subset of users) but the issue remains.

I’m really stuck here as the money I need to withdraw is for a house payment, and have been unable to transfer for the last three days - any longer and I risk defaulting on my house purchase.

Please help!


Hey @mwood :slight_smile:

What’s the exact error or problem?

If it’s really urgent, maybe you could withdraw the money from the ATM and manually take it to the other bank. If it’s an issue with :r:, you could try to negotiate the ATM fee :wink: