Bank transfer includes postal address?


If I transfer money from my :r: (LT) account to DKB (DE) my complete address is displayed in the transaction. If i transfer money from my main bank account (AT) only my name appears. Why does :r: send my address? How can I stop this?

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Can someone from :r: comment on this?

Same happens with Sparkasse (DE) - you’ll also see a part of the address there. I don’t think there is much you can do.

As for why I also do not know. Maybe @Frank can give us more insight on that.

The address field in a SEPA transfer is only mandatory if the originator payment processor (PSP) or the recipient PSP is outside the EEA. Since in your case both are in the EEA it would be voluntary information (and could be left blank). However, I don’t think there’s a rule that prevents Banks from voluntarily including it.

When my parents send me money from Germany, I get their full address if they use their Sparkasse account. I don’t see the address if they use their VR Bank account. I’m in a non-EEA SEPA country, so in theory their VR Bank is breaking the rules by not sending the address…

It’s just really up to the banks involved. Some banks disclose the IBAN of the sender, some do not. It’s not regulated, so services decide which level of information or privacy they apply.

It’s not just about the sender, it’s also about the recipient and which information the system of the recipient suppresses. Sometimes, leaving the message field empty results in more information being shared. So filling out all form fields might override a standard message.

(Data that’s collected is not necessarily double checked or disclosed to the recipient. Like you always have to provide a recipient name, but banks don’t check a name registry if the IBAN is actually that person‘s account—unless they decide to do it case by case.)

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Perhaps that advice from @Frank is worth a try and perhaps you could report back with the result?

Unfortunately not in my case.

I never leave any blank fields.

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