Bank transfer in CHF

I’m trying to top up CHF balance using a bank transfer but there’s one thing which leaves me rather confused.

As I go to ‘Top up’ → ‘More top-up methods’ → ‘Bank transfer’ the screen suddenly shows ‘GBP account’. Shouldn’t it be ‘CHF account’ since I’m trying to get CHF in?

It should be that for sure. I am sorry I am asking, but have you checked on which wallet you are? I have checked it on my app and everything goes ok…

OK, I’ve figured it out and it’s massively confusing.

I’m not sure what ‘which wallet I’m on’ means but what I was doing was:

  • open the app (which shows the blue screen where I can scroll horizontally to see balance in various currencies),
  • scroll until balance in CHF is shown (which is the first balance so it’s not much scrolling anyway :wink: ),
  • click the ‘+’ icon with ‘Top up’ label and continue as above.

However, if I go to the ‘Account manager’ (by clicking the settings (?) icon in top left and from there click on one of the accounts I get correct bank details.