Bank transfer from UAE to Europe

Hey Chris,
Thanks for sharing this. Could you please describe in more detail, what type of account you have in HSBC and how do you do the free transfers? That should be very useful for me and other folks here.
Many thanks in advance!

Well I think that the type of HSBC account you have is irrelevant.
According to the HSBC Schedule of tariffs, the cost is in theory very similar when doing an international money transfer out of HSBC.

  • transfer charges : Free with Jade account, AED 40 with Premier and AED 50 with Advance or Personal Banking
  • Correspondent Bank Charges (OUR) : Free with Jade and AED 100 for everyone else.
    But this is the theory when sending AED to a EUR bank account in Europe as an example.

Basically you need to use your computer for the transfer and not your smartphone.

  • select pay and Transfer : from your current Account
  • for the first transfer choose : “New Payment to a Person or company” (next time you would able to select “Your accounts or someone you have paid before”
  • then select “International Payee”
  • when it is time to put the payee details, make sure you put your name and address exactly as they are written on your Revolut account (for me my address in France) do not mention any address in Lithuania or UAE.
  • put your Rev LT IBAN (AED of course but it should be the same for all your currencies I believe) then the system will automatically populate the Revolut Address (which is not 100% correct…)
  • just choose “add to payee” so next transfer would be even easier
  • make sure you select AED on the right as “currency transfer”
  • fees paid by : I always choose “OUR”
    I have tested the 3 options and OUR is so far still free of charge whatever they mention : they say AED 147 but I have never paid a single AED while doing it this way :wink:

Hope this helps.

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For ENBD customers, it seems that this solution is working.

Download the Application form for Telegraphic Transfer - SmartPDF from the form-center

Then complete all the information with your LT iban and print the doc, you can follow the video here

Then visit a branch, try to avoid the pick hour if you do’t want to get crazy with the waiting time.

The international transfer will cost you around 5AED + Vat.

For now it is the only solution that we have, until they update the system, or you should move to HSBC.

For info, ADCB doesn’t offer the possibility to send AED to AED, except at the branch and it will cost you around 100AED.


Hello everyone,

It seems eNBD has added Revolut LT to its banking list. However, I am having issues with the system it seems. I cannot save the beneficiary due to the “country of remittance” clearing itself up every time you try to save. Has anyone got the same issue? Or better someone who has fixed/managed to save the Revolut LT as a beneficiary for eNBD?



I had the same issue. It is impossible to add it using laptop. However I switched to ENBD mobile application and managed to add it this way.

Are you able to transfer AED ? On my side I can only send EUR USD GBP and CHN.

I have the same problem. Can not send AED to LT entity either using web, or app.

Same here, no AED and you cannot select UAE as beneficiary country…

AED not available for lT IBAN.

Hello, what was the swift code you entered? When searching revolut LT, it is finding the bank but the swift code showed in ENBD is Rvualt2v instead of Revolut21.
Also did you manage to send AED?

Hello. I was able to add Beneficiary only using ENBD mobile app. It is finding Revolut UAB Bank and swift code is appearing automatically ( it is not Revolut21 ). AED not available, so I tried to send USD instead. System showed message: Transfer Successful. After 2 days they called me from ENBD and asked for ,Correspondent Bank details" for this transfer. They need it because transfer is in USD, not AED. I was not able to provide them these details, because I have no idea about it. So, they asked me if I want to cancel this transfer and I agreed to cancel it, so finally I didn’t send any money to my Revolut LT account. I used TransferWise instead and had money on my account next day.

Hi, hope you’re doing well. Maybe you can help me. I live in The UAE and try to add my Revolut account as new beneficiary to my ENBD account. My Revolut IBAN is not accepted by ENBD (please enter a correct IBAN number), is there a solution for this issue?

Thanks by advance :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to add my Revolut account as new beneficiary to my Emirates NBD account, they don’t accept Revolut IBAN starting with LT, can you help to find a solution please?


I registered it last week without any issue, have you selected international as beneficiary?

Revolut In UAE

Hello Guys

1- Anybody knows when they will launch it in UAE we are waiting since 2018 i think :slightly_smiling_face:.

2- If anyone wants to send AED dirham to revolut i’ve tried most the banks in uae like enbd , adcb , adib , mashreq , ei none of them works only HSBC u can do it and i got the money its took aprox one day to get it , so i think HSBC the only bank u can send AED to revolut